Corporate Clay Pigeon Shoot 2017 – In Aid of the NE Youth

NE Youth

Corporate Clay Pigeon Shoot 2017 – In Aid of the NE Youth


CMS were recently asked to field a team to participate in a charity clay pigeon shooting event – held in support of NE Youth, a locally based charity which supports youth organisations in the North East of England.

We managed to assemble five ‘volunteers’ to send to Bywell Shooting Ground for the day-long event.   Most of our team were novices, so we weren’t expecting to win any prizes!

We had hoped that the weather would be decent, but on the day the heavens opened and lashed us with the worst wind and rain that Northumberland has seen this year.   Standing at the first peg, with the rain driving

into our eyes, it was a miracle that we could see the clays as they were launched over our heads.   Stoically, our guys braved five rounds of shooting through the day, not allowing the cold and wet to dampen their spirits – we were drenched!  Overall we managed to account for 166 clays between us, not bad at all, especially considering that three of us had never so much as held a shotgun before.

Bywell provided us with great support on the day, with friendly staff and excellent coaching – not to mention a wonderful lunch in the marquee – followed by a charity auction and entertainment.  Overall, NE Youth

Raised over £38,000 for their youth groups.  We were proud to have been able to provide our support to such a worthy local charity, and delighted by the hospitality that we received at Bywell – despite the best efforts of the weather to drown us.

Great efforts from our team: Tom Simm, Shaun Armstrong, Martyn Jamieson, Dylan Howourth and Karl Beattie.

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