Commercial Laundry


Commercial Laundry


CMS engineers offer laundry maintenance support across the UK

Commercial scale laundry appliances and textile care systems found in large-scale, commercial premises are significantly different in specification, layout, performance and scale to domestic, small-scale appliances.  They are in relatively continuous and intensive use and subject to far more rigorous testing, certification and servicing regimes.  So a specialist approach is required to keep them working, maintained, tested and certified.

Commercial laundry appliance asset costs tend to be high precluding the holding of redundant equipment and excess capacity and appliance failures in commercial environments carry greater consequences including impacts on business continuity, customer service, product quality, output and safety.  Operators need a professional commercial appliance maintenance and repair partner offering a combination of high-quality of services to keep assets legal, reliable, efficient and operational; minimising the risk of a breakdown as well as enhancing performance and reducing energy costs.

Our Commercial Laundry Maintenance Services Include:

Appliance inspection, testing and certification

Emergency repair (24/7/365)

Routine, planned maintenance and servicing

Specification, supply and installation of new and replacement equipment as well as specialist ancillary equipment and services

Commercial Laundry Appliance Maintenance and Repair Engineers

If you’re dealing with an outage, an emergency, a failing or inoperable appliance it’s vital to know who to call for prompt, competent assistance. That’s where we come in, your operations and maintenance teams only need to know one number to call when disaster strikes; ours. We provide rapid response, 24-hour cover, ensuring a rapid resolution to your problem, minimising inconvenience and the damaging effects of downtime. No matter what the issue may be, our team can handle it quickly, efficiently and effectively.

Ensuring that your operational assets are regularly and thoroughly serviced and appropriately certified is crucial in order to minimise the risk of untimely breakdown or operating with uncertified systems and equipment.  Whether you need one machine servicing or many, we are able to customise our service to suit. Scheduled maintenance has been proven to prolong the working life of plant and equipment, improve efficiency and reliability whilst inspection and testing minimises keep you legal and contributes to reduced unplanned outages.  Our cloud based asset tracking system ensures that we manage all of your servicing and certification needs and whenever we possibly can we will ensure that routine maintenance and certification are coordinated to reduce visits, downtime and costs.

Despite consistent improvements in equipment lifecycle and reliability there are times when, inevitably, equipment may need to be upgraded or replaced or as businesses expand and grow new capacity may be required.  Working alongside our retained supply chain partners including the world’s leading laundry equipment OEMs and with years of successful project planning and delivery behind us, we are ideally placed to specify, supply and install new equipment.

Why Choose CMS Ltd as Your Commercial Laundry Appliance Partner?

We have been providing effective solutions to a wide range of operators and premises for more than 20 years, offering a high quality, maintenance service across a number of different sectors. Our team is able to undertake servicing, certification, planned, routine and  emergency maintenance, as well as the supply and installation of appliances and because we use our own employees for every task, we’re able to ensure that every part of your job is completed to the highest possible standard.

Available 24/7/365, we offer a competent, responsive and cost effective service that ensures you can focus on your business and your customers. We are proud of our reputation for offering a proactive, obliging service that’s geared to meet the needs of our customers.

For more information or to request your FREE quote, call us at 0845 419 0190.

Commercial Plumbing Newcastle

Commercial plumbing has to do with the installation and maintenance of systems that provide water and get rid of waste from buildings, businesses and industries. This type of plumbing is done on a large scale. A commercial plumber is involved in providing and maintaining the indoor and outdoor plumbing requirements of buildings.

A leak can be the most detrimental and costly problem for your business. It can affect the long-term property value and cause you to temporarily shut down your business. If you suffer this kind of unfortunate event you need someone who understands the commercial property plumbing system and who is experienced enough to quickly fix your problem without any complications so you can return to work as soon as possible.

Commercial plumbing is completely different from domestic plumbing. Commercial plumbing requires a more skilled plumber as well as advanced tools and experience in working on large commercial plumbing and heating systems. This is why it is imperative that you choose a commercial plumbing company that has the technology, expertise and manpower to handle any commercial plumbing project, 24 hours a day.

How to choose the best commercial plumbing company for your project:

Proven Track Record

You must check the track record of the plumbing company. Ensure they are a genuine commercial plumbing business and not domestic plumbers trying to break into the commercial market.

Ask for examples of similar work they have conducted and don’t be afraid to ask for references as well as the testimonials from their previous customers. You will also want to ask how long they’ve been in the business as well as the tools and machinery they use, to ensure it is the latest technology.

Aside from their previous work and track record you will want to conduct further checks.


There are health and safety regulations that are imposed on buildings and a plumber is required to know the standards for the work being conducted. There are also water supply and drainage standards that have to be adhered to and the plumber has to know them and ensure that he complies with them. Plumbers are required to ensure that all the plumbing systems in a building are well maintained in order to reduce the risk of plumbing emergencies.

Before choosing your commercial plumbing services supplier you need to ask them for credentials such as licenses or certificates. Though these documents do not necessarily mean they offer excellent service, they do ensure that they have credibility as a company and they are legally compliant.

Commercial Plumbing Costs

You also need to the commercial plumbing company for detailed quotes on the work to be conducted.

Costs and charges are important, however, they should not be the only consideration when choosing quality commercial plumbing services. That’s why you also have to take into account their experience (delayed projects due to errors can be costly), the Engineers they have available (delays due to lack of manpower can also be costly) and availability.  Will they have the correct number of experienced Engineers onsite, efficiently completing the project without delays or errors and in a timely manner?

Service Guarantee

Never forget to ask for a service guarantee or warranty. If there is an issue with the service or hardware further down the line you will want to be assured that the fault will be rectified with you incurring any further costs.

At CMS Ltd we offer complete commercial plumbing services in Newcastle and throughout the North East UK. We provide a professional planned and reactive maintenance service to many organisations throughout the United Kingdom.

Commercial Air Conditioning & HVAC Newcastle

Commercial air conditioning, air handling plant maintenance and HVAC systems are often more important to a business than first realised. If you have a server room that requires a constant temperature or hotel rooms, offices, churches or retail premises that benefit from a comfortable temperature then a breakdown in the air systems can soon cause an issue for customers, staff and cost the business money.

CMS Ltd offers professional air conditioning services in Newcastle and throughout the North East UK. Our services include the design and installation of your units or system. Redundant systems can be decommissioned and gas reclaimed from them. In addition, redundant systems can be removed from your facility. We also offer a comprehensive after-sales service.

Service and planned maintenance programs are also available for all commercial air conditioning and HVAC systems.

Commercial Electricians Newcastle

Commercial electricians specialise in working on the power supply in industrial buildings, factories, and any other type of commercial property. This type of electrical work greatly differs from domestic work because of the amount of power that is involved, the wiring and systems and because of the regulations that must be followed.

There are a lot of different services that are offered to commercial properties and here are a few to consider:

A main service and aspect of commercial electrical work is maintenance. Large industrial buildings take a lot of maintenance and service work on a regular basis. Most of these properties have a planned maintenance schedule with a commercial electrical company to keep everything working properly. Many of the components in a commercial building also need to be serviced regularly by a professional electrical contractor.

Running all the cables and wiring for a commercial building is a massive task in itself. A commercial electrician has to follow very strict codes, keep all wires hidden, and keep each wire safe from being damaged –  on a large scale this takes expertise and experience. There can be miles and miles of wiring in an office building or industrial unit.

Many electrical systems that power a commercial complex or building are run underground. An experienced commercial electrical Engineer can tunnel all of the power lines safely and efficiently. They can also map out a plan to where everything can be serviced easily and to make sure each line is routed correctly. This is just one of many examples of how complicated this type of electrical work can be, and why the electrics in a commercial building should be left to the commercial professionals.

CMS Ltd Commercial electricians in Newcastle are specially trained and certified to the highest standard to be able to facilitate any commercial electrical project.

Why Choose CMS Ltd?

At CMS Ltd we pride ourselves on our commitment to customer service for all our Commercial Property Maintenance customers. We offer planned maintenance and 24-hour emergency cover.

We have a vast experience in working in the following sectors:

Care Home Maintenance
Food Production, Process and Bakery Maintenance
Gym Maintenance
Hospitality and Entertainment
Hotels, Pub and Restaurant Maintenance
Incineration and Industrial Burner Maintenance
Industrial and Warehouse Maintenance
Market Garden, Agricultural and Horticultural
Public and Municipal Building Maintenance
University and Student Accommodation Maintenance

CMS, the UK’s leading commercial maintenance specialists