Commercial Catering Appliances and Systems Services UK

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Commercial Catering Appliances and Systems Services UK


Commercial scale catering, bar and refrigeration appliances found in large scale, commercial kitchens, bakeries, hotels, bars, restaurants, laboratories and a range of other businesses differ significantly in size, capacity, specification, layout performance and energy consumption to domestic, small-scale appliances. They also operate in intensive environments and continuously.  As such they are subject to more rigorous testing and certification regimes whether due to their specification or location in a commercial environment.  So specialist support is required to keep them working, maintained, tested and certified.

Commercial appliances tend to have higher capital costs, reflecting a combination of size, capacity, power as well as robustness.  These higher capital and operational costs prevent owners and operators from holding spare capacity and redundant equipment so when appliance failures occur in commercial environments they carry far greater consequences including impacts on business continuity, customer service, product quality, output and operator safety.

Catering and hospitality businesses need a professional commercial appliance maintenance and repair partner offering a combination of high-quality services to keep assets legal, reliable, efficient and operational; minimising the risk of a breakdown, providing emergency cover when appliances do break down as well as enhancing performance and reducing energy costs.

Our Commercial Catering Appliance Services Include:

Appliance inspection, testing and certification
Emergency repair (24/7/365)
Routine, planned maintenance, servicing and certification
Specification, supply and installation of new and replacement equipment
Modification and improvement of commercial kitchen infrastructure
Commercial Catering Appliance Maintenance and Repair Engineers

If you’re dealing with an outage, an emergency, a failing or inoperable appliance it’s vital to know who to call for prompt, competent assistance. That’s where we come in, you and your teams only need to know one number to call when appliances fail and disaster strikes; ours. We provide rapid response, 24-hour cover, ensuring a rapid resolution to your problem, minimising inconvenience and the damaging effects of downtime. No matter what the issue may be, our team can handle it quickly, efficiently and effectively.

Ensuring that the operational assets in your kitchen or premises are regularly and thoroughly serviced and appropriately certified is crucial in order to minimise the risk of untimely breakdown or operating with uncertified systems and equipment.  Whether you need one machine servicing or many, we are able to customise our service to suit. Scheduled maintenance has been proven to prolong the working life of plant and equipment, improve efficiency and reliability whilst inspection and testing minimises unplanned outages.  Our cloud based asset tracking system ensures that we manage all of your certification needs and whenever we possibly can we will ensure that routine maintenance and certification are coordinated to reduce visits, downtime and costs.

Despite consistent improvements in equipment lifecycle and reliability there are times when, inevitably, equipment may need to be upgraded or replaced or as businesses expand and grow new capacity may be required.  Working alongside our retained supply chain partners including the world’s leading catering equipment OEMs and with years of successful project planning and delivery behind us, we are ideally placed to specify, supply and install new equipment.  If necessary we will work with you to establish a fully scoped project plan including design, specification, cost and will schedule the installation work to ensure disruption is minimised and as all our engineers work for us we will retain full control of the project at every stage.

Why Choose CMS Ltd?

CMS has been repairing and servicing commercial catering, bar and refrigeration systems for more than 20 years.  We are one of the very few truly national service providers who can claim to have a dedicated and specialist catering division.

Our client base includes an enviable portfolio of national and international blue chip brands including Wagamama, Travelodge and Q Hotels as well as many thriving independent, small and local operators.  We have provided the restaurant, hotel and pub sectors with effective and comprehensive support for more than 20 years.  Our team of fully employed and dedicated, specialist catering systems and refrigeration engineers undertake emergency repairs, routine maintenance, servicing, inspection and certification work whilst our catering systems team specify, supply and install appliances and larger scale projects.  We do not subcontract or outsource work and use our own employees for every task so we’re able to ensure that every part of your job is completed to the highest possible standard.

We offer a competent, responsive and cost effective service that ensures your appliances will not let you down leaving you to focus on your business and your customers.  When things do go wrong our engineers will be on hand 24/7 to get your appliances working again.  We are proud of our reputation for offering a proactive, obliging service that’s geared to meet the needs of our customers.

CMS, the UK’s leading commercial maintenance specialists