Commercial Boiler Services Newcastle

Why Servicing a Commercial Boiler is Necessary Explained By CMS of Newcastle

Regardless if your company operates from a commercial, industrial or retail store building, the boiler performs a vital role in providing heat and hot water to the building. So, a competent commercial boiler is important for your company to operate appropriately.If the boiler stops working, you could have chilly offices, school classrooms of children sat in the cold or hospital wards without hot water. Any one of our past customers who’ve suffered a day with a broken boiler will confirm how vital a completely operating boiler is, nevertheless, if you are not yet persuaded here’s why a service on your own commercial boiler is so necessary. CMS Ltd, based in Newcastle, offers commercial boiler servicing, maintenance and repairs throughout the North East. We are contracted to some of the largest brands, businesses and household names. Call to speak to an advisor on 0191 495 0741

Would your company cope with a broken boiler?

You could think you may manage, you could think your employees will muddle through, yet employees are seated in their coats and spending half of the day complaining and moaning about the cold. Take a couple of seconds to consider the way your organisation could manage without heating? What alternative systems do you have to keep the complete building warm? How do you get warm water for staff members to wash their hands? How long before you had a mutiny on your hands? Would the only real alternative be to send the employees home until the boiler was repaired?

In the home, we might wear additional clothes and use hot water from a kettle, but in business-oriented properties for example hospitals and care homes, maybe it’s a matter of life and death. As a commercial enterprise, you have got a duty of care to provide a comfortable environment.

Don’t Fret About Contingency Plans – Just Fix the Problem

Although at CMS we offer routine boiler servicing and maintenance, our clients with a commercial maintenance agreement also benefit from our emergency boiler repairs assistance in Newcastle, where we’ll attend and repair the problem 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. Along with making certain your boiler works as proficiently as possible all year round, and reduces the possibilities of a failure, our emergency call out service will quickly identify and fix the boiler, no matter what time of year.

Serviced Boilers are Cleaner and More Efficient

Servicing a boiler is cost-effective in terms of running optimally and cleanly. Your boiler will lose efficiency, as internal parts age, so your company will suffer additional costs on everyday operating bills. This extra expenditure can very quickly accumulate into a massive fuel bill that may make the cost of a boiler service or even an annual maintenance agreement, insignificant in relative costs.

Heating System Distribution and Pipe Insulation

Within a commercial boiler service, our knowledgeable commercial heating Engineer will also inspect the lagging and insulating material around water tanks and piping, to ensure they are not losing heat. We will also suggest, specifically for your heating system, how often the ducting ought to be cleaned. We will make certain antifreeze and anti-corrosion agents are at recommended levels in order to avoid burst pipes or premature corrosion.

Save Your Company Money

With our commercial maintenance agreement, your boiler servicing, routine maintenance and any breakdown can be planned into the annual budget and avoid any unanticipated and hefty repair bills.

It is easy to take for granted the comfortable office environment and neglect the boiler room, particularly when business is booming and generating revenue takes 100% of one’s time. Ensure that the boiler room doesn’t distract you from day-to-day business and get total peace of mind with a service on your commercial boiler by CMS in Newcastle.

Services Covered by CMS Commercial Boiler Repairs in Newcastle

Commercial Boiler Services NewcastleEvery industry and company premises requires a unique power solution so the company operates without having interruptions. To offer the ideal efficiency, the equipment responsible for generating energy as well as heat needs to be installed by a professional and well maintained with a regular service plan in order to achieve the best and most effective performance. An efficient infrastructure of high- performing apparatus can help to eliminate energy costs yet still provide a comfortable working environment. It is important to work with a company whose team have years of experience as Commercial Heating Engineers, as well as your market sector, in order to ensure the heating equipment such as boilers, gas interlocks and CHP systems are installed and maintained effectively. CMS is such a business and give complete solutions and services to ensure that our clients have all year round assistance.

CMS Commercial Heating services in Newcastle

Commercial Boilers – each and every premises has its own one of a kind requirements for heating, water and power. Consequently, every single premise needs a boiler of different size and specification to fulfil those requirements. CMS provides 3 kinds of services to ensure the most effective heating system is within your business premises:

Commercial Boiler Installation:

Our local commercial heating engineer can provide a specialist and professional commercial boiler installation in Newcastle. An incorrect specification in designing or inappropriate installation of the brand new commercial boiler are the main reasons for, at best, an ineffective boiler on the premises or, at worst, boiler and heating related accidents in the workplace. So, a professional instalment by a qualified team is important. At CMS we have teams of installation technical engineers, all certified and qualified to the highest degree, to deliver the very best commercial boiler installation in Newcastle.

Commercial Boiler Servicing: Regular and planned maintenance and servicing are crucial to retaining an efficient boiler that continuous to function at optimum levels. A regular maintenance schedule will also prolong the working life of the boiler and related equipment. CMS incorporates a committed team of boiler servicing engineers in Newcastle to offer regular maintenance and servicing.

Commercial Boiler Breakdown Assistance:

If your boiler suffers a failure it needs to be repaired swiftly to make sure continuity of business. CMS supply clients with a maintenance agreement a fast and immediate repair of the heating system and commercial boiler 24-hours a day, 365- days a year.

Commercial CHP Systems:

Combined Heat and Power units, commonly known as “CHP systems” combine the production of heat, together with electrical power, in one single operation. These are typically highly-efficient systems which are fantastic for several industrial sectors. The installation of a CHP system greatly affects the continuing overall performance of the hardware. This extremely intricate and sophisticated system necessitates regular servicing and maintenance to be able to provide the best possible overall performance. CMS offer installation, maintenance and servicing of CHP systems as well as breakdown support and repairs.

Gas Interlocks:

In businesses such as hotels and restaurants where gas, and most commonly, LPG is used for a fuel, the gas pipelines and their interlocks play an important role in the efficient working of the system in addition to ensuring the safety of users. CMS gas engineers are qualified and authorised to check and maintain the interlocks and issue safety certificates. CMS provide routine maintenance and servicing of gas interlocks in Newcastle.

For more information on our commercial boiler installation and servicing in Newcastle please be sure to telephone Head Office on 0191 495 0741.