Lumley Castle Hotel

Customer Profile

Lumley Castle, one of the UK’s finest hotels, based in the north-east of England.

A 600-year-old castle with great historical value, listed as a Grade I building.
73 unique suites and bedrooms as well as dining halls, staterooms, and function rooms.


After noticing a persistent sub-optimal performance from the castle’s boiler plant room, the team at Lumley Castle decided to consult CMS to assess the case to upgrade said plant room. Due to the age and complexity of the site, there were several obstacles to overcome to ensure that any project could be completed correctly – ensuring the building was protected and to maintain the structural integrity of this historical landmark.


After investigating the plant room in question, we at CMS concluded that the existing boiler was not significantly out of date and should have had ample capacity to deal with seasonal demands. Any project seeking to replace the boiler would risk building on an underlying issue.

After 3 days of functional and performance testing, CMS concluded that the plant room was not the source of the inadequacies. In fact, it was a combination of inadequate flueing and uninsulated distribution pipework which resulted in excessive system downtime – especially during the colder months.

Recognising the needs of the site, we at CMS set about delivering a project to rectify these issues and delivered on this over the course of 3 days with less than 12 hours of intrusion upon guest areas.