Clipper Warehouse Air Rotation Units

Customer Profile

CMS was contracted by a nationwide logistics company, to update the air rotation units within a large warehouse facility in Crick, Northampton.


Heat loss/energy usage calculations showed that the Clipper warehouse required a total of c. 550 kW of output from the Air Rotation Units for the approx. 200,000 m3 building volume, based on the performance criteria specified, this was verified by the manufacturers, Powrmatic.


CMS UK Ltd is an NICEIC approved electrical contractor, GAS SAFE registered Gas installer and an HVCA approved heating and ventilation contractor. All work was carried out by appropriately qualified engineers to current standards.

Base Scope:

  • Isolate gas supply and split top flange of DN100 PN16 ECV and cap.
  • Run new gas supply up to high level fitting a tee to connect to the existing air handling unit which feeds the office space.
  • Install fixings along the length of the roof and Run new 6-inch gas supply at a high level (>100m long at >10m high).
  • Install a tee run along at a high level before dropping to a low level for the individual heaters.
  • Install the heaters on the side of the building with the rollover shutter doors.

Air Rotation Units:

  • Supply & Commissioning of 1 x 250 kW Air Rotation Unit with associated flue attachments by the manufacturer.
  • Decommissioning & dismantling of existing 300 kW Air Rotation Unit in Northampton Factory, shipping to Crick and re-commissioning.