Essity – Water Inlet Pipework

CMS replaced an aged and badly corroded section of steel pipe that was critical to the operation of the plant. It took river water from the Tyne into the plant itself.

The nature of the installation was such that is had to be an entirely bespoke solution. CMS used 12″ and 8″ stainless steel (Sch.40) fully welded pipe.

90% of the pipework was fabricated in CMS fabrication workshop in Gateshead, the remaining sections were completed on site at Essity by CMS engineers.

The installation itself was complex as the existing pipework had to be cut-out, the receiving sections modified and the new pipework manoeuvred into the pit, all whilst maintaining the highest health and safety standards and social distancing.

This was a particularly complex problem that we were given to resolve. Thankfully our skilled engineers and fabricators were able to deliver the solution on budget in two days and with no disruption to the operation of the plant.

Neil Smith, MD CMS